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art and ecology

Art & Ecology Retreat

Art and Ecology Retreat

From Friday 5pm - Sunday 4pm

A restorative weekend of nature immersion, guided by artists, ecologists and health practitioners. This weekend is designed to expand your understanding of Victoria's ecosystems and our position within them through art. In the lush rainforest of Toolangi, residents are invited to participate in botanical art classes; drawing, painting, sensory exploration, guided walks, yoga and tea ceremony. 

Inc. Food and Accommodation (see below)  $1000 pp.


 Ecology Retreat for families

This retreat is a family friendly opportunity to learn and grow together.

We explore local ecosystems and ecological concepts such as habitats, niches and complexity within systems. Our methodology is to explore complexity through creative, immersive activities such as drawing, painting and collaboration. 

food webs

Contentious creatives

From Friday 5pm - Sunday 4pm

How do you relate with your environment? This weekend invites you to explore your current and potential relationship with nature, through art, science and ceremony. In the lush Toolangi rainforest, the weekend includes a series of botanical art classes (drawing, painting, sensory exploration), guided walks, yoga, and tea ceremony. 

Inc. Food and Accommodation (see below)  $1000 pp.

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