Professional Development

A professional development session in ecology combining the latest conversations in ecological thinking, from the sciences, arts and humanities. Through introducing contemporary ecological theory and providing tools for processing these experiences, these sessions provide both a grounded and philosophical approach to sustainability. 

Tailored to organisations, groups or businesses who already work in the ecologies such as environmental resource managers, scientists, planners, architects and landscape architects. 

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Key themes


Feedback loops as a tool to investigate change over time. Including succession, patterns and adaptions found in ecological systems, prompting a reflection into both human and ecological change over time.

Biogeography looking at the movement of species, elements and ideas.What forces create movement, what protects vulnerable communities and how can we manage systems to be resilient in times of change.

Multispecies Assemblages as a way of breaking down human/ nature binaries. A term introduced by excellent thinker, Donna Haraway, this theme seeks to embrace our ever emerging humanness as intrinsically intwined with all beings to have and to exist on planet earth. This theme explores terrain such as molecular memory and evolution as non- linear.