Savage River, Tarkine Tasmania 2017

Savage River, Tarkine Tasmania 2017


Forest : Form : Found: is an opportunity to learn about the forest, to find a form to be with forest and to experience moments of deep interconnection.

Forest: provides a guided ecological experience through the rainforest ecosystem, exploring the evolution of rainforest systems and connections under ground between fungi, trees and soil as well as reflecting on  the threats in a warming climate.

Form: is an opportunity to be with the forest, through sitting within a contemporary tea rite. A tea rite with ancient roots in the Dao. Sitting within Form cultivates stillness enabling awareness to land and to expand.

Found: speaks to our sensory perception of both ourselves, the environment and the ceremony we are sitting in,  providing an experience of being simultaneously separate from, and yet always connected to the external world. Utilising tea and ecological thought as an avatar for insight, so that we may see a glimpse of the forests, our own bare hearts and their entwined destiny.

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Ecological guide: Aviva Reed

Tea: Rebecca Andrews

Forest Structure: Patrick Belford