Biotic Potential

Exploring ecology and creativity to embrace

complexity, collaboration & whole brain thinking.

We used an arts- based methodology to encourage experimentation, creating opportunities to reframe ideas for new perspectives, working at the edge of our potential so we can take conceptual risks towards a thriving future.


  • Ecology 101: Adaptions, successions, niches.

  • Feedback loops as a tool to investigate change over time such as succession, patterns and adaptions found in ecological systems.

  • Biogeography looking at the movement of species, elements and ideas.

  • Multispecies Assemblages as a way of breaking down human/ nature binaries.

  • Ecology for planners: How does the valuing of nature affect planning decisions? Sustainability & community capacity building.

  • Embedding Ecological Principles into Design.

  • Ecology for teachers: How do we teach the system thinking needed for a future of sustainability? 

  • Ecology in the wild: Learning to read a landscape, it’s past, present and future.

  • Soil: What soil is and why is it so amazing; life, death and decay.

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Biotic Potential provides training in ecology using the co- creation of knowledge between trainers and participants. In this way, a construction of knowledge becomes collaborative and situated within the organisation, community, business and/or student. We use models of complexity to make meaning from emerging patterns, find relationships previously unrealised and illuminate unconscious ideas.

WORKING ACROSS corporate, community, tertiary and school environments.

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Aviva Headshot

Lead facilitator

Aviva Reed (M. Env, BSc) is an interdisciplinary visual ecologist. Her practice explores scientific theories from both, philosophical and ontological perspectives, seeking to unravel perceived truths and invisible realities that shape the modern age. She has taught within tertiary, community and organisational environments. Her expertise include ecological thinking and arts- based pedagogy. With these combined concepts her training seeks to unravel complex ideas around human/ nature divides and inspire participants to engage in creative critical thinking. She is currently the creative director at Oekologie Studio, an art/ science studio of which resources for training sessions are developed.

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“Aviva’s passion for the artistic process is infectious. Her knowledge of ecology is inspiring to students because she helps them understand the relevance of the subject matter in relation to themselves and the wider world”

Mrs Michelle McKay, Head of Visual Arts, Aitken College

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Biotic Potential

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